A Chance to Bring Back Our Child-Like Wonder

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with children and watch them soak up the wonder and amazement of the world around them. Watching their excitement when they experience something new is what Blazen Illuminations refers to as, “child-like wonder.” It’s magical, memorable and helps the stress around us fade away. Sadly, it’s more difficult to come by as we get older. So how do we hold onto experiences that give us our child-like wonder? I found one way to accomplish this. I spent an evening at the Ice Rink at the Promenade Shops at Centerra and with their special guest, Brr-Ice the polar bear.

Although we are still enjoying some warm weather, winter is in the air. This means the Ice Rink at the Promenade Shops at Centerra, managed and operated by Blazen Illuminations, is open for business. With that, Brr-Ice the polar bear ventures out of hibernation to bring warm hugs, laughter and Insta worthy photo ops! I was very excited to meet this fluffy, energetic and large polar bear but found it difficult to interview him as he doesn’t talk. Lucky for me, Mercedes Webb, Blazen Illuminations’ Executive Leader and Ice Rink Manager has spent several years getting to know Brr-Ice and was eager to answer my questions. The first thing I had to know was what characteristics make Brr-Ice special to all who meet him? Mercedes told me:

  • He’s very personable and knows how to make friends easily. He’ll give you a hug, blow you a kiss and you can’t help but be friends with him.
  • Brr-Ice is polite and it shows in all he does.
  • He’s curious about and enjoys exploring the world around him but doesn’t venture out of Loveland much because he prefers to stay close to home.
  • Since he doesn’t speak verbally, Brr-Ice is always accompanied by a “Character Attendant” who helps communicate on his behalf. He has so much to say, so he’s learning sign language to help converse with guests better through his character attendant.
  • Whenever a child seems afraid to meet Brr-Ice, he will back up, get down at the child’s height and patiently wait for their fear to go away. He always wins them over.
  • Brr-Ice is a total gentleman. He will open the door for you and always allows the ladies to go first.

I could tell by the way Mercedes’ face lit up and the excitement in her voice that Brr-Ice easily brings out the child-like wonder in her. I too had the chance to experience this joy after spending a short time with Brr-Ice. I found myself laughing at his every move and marveled at the way the children adored him. I watched as he tried to find a pair of ice skates or hockey skates to fit his excessively large feet so he could join the others on the ice. As it turns out, he forgot to bring his special pair with him. But — the lack of skates did not stop this determined polar bear as he charmed his way past the Ice Rink’s safety patrol to enjoy the cold under his feet. It was precious to watch Brr-Ice play on the ice like it was his first time experiencing it.

After Brr-Ice was taken back to his polar bear cave, I caught myself smiling and reminiscing with the Ice Rink team about how that short time with the lovable, oversized, huggable bear made me feel like a kid again. I count it as a blessing to have met Brr-Ice and I encourage you to embrace some child-like wonder this winter as well. I learned that Brr-Ice only makes a few appearances throughout the season and with the busy holidays upon us, it’s important to make time for fun. Stop by the Ice Rink at the Promenade Shops at Centerra to enjoy a couple laps around the ice or sit by the warm fire with a cup of coffee and listen to the laughter around you. I promise it won’t be time wasted.

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Images by Anaid Rivas Pastrana and Madeline Webb