Budweiser Events Center

About This Project

Blazen Illuminations has provided a wide variety of  audio, visual and lighting support for the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colo. and is the A/V provider for the Colorado Eagles. 

Blazen has been supporting the Budweiser Events Center’s team with audio, visual and lighting needs for a variety of different events that come through and need things like fight nights and things like that. Additionally we provided fight nights what what are financed my name and I am a type fight night would go through there and they would see yeah, probably yeah, and then they redid their locker room for the, Colorado.

Colorado Eagles
Blazen has been a sponsor partner of the Colorado Eagles, which plays at the Budweiser Events Center, for more than five years. The team provides the colored lighting effects and extra effects for special nights. Like when they’re doing Special entries for opening weekend or during their playoffs or things like that will bring in additional lighting and things like that for that but we basically provide

And the colored lighting over pergolas and some other effects and the lighting control system for the season. We give them a good one for that and then as needed will bring in additional like fog and Pyro or Quantum stuff like that. Not necessarily pyro, but it would be like Kyra we call it cryo.

Technology Services