Living Lights at the Butterfly Pavilion

About This Project

Blazen Illuminations partnered with Denver’s Butterfly Pavilion to produce Living Lights, the only invertebrate-themed holiday lights display in Colorado. Blazen made holiday lights even more festive with displays that flew, fluttered and crawled illuminating some of nature’s most fascinating wonders – invertebrates (animals without backbones).

Blazen created and produced a walk-through outdoor light show which included the “dancing butterflies” display on the exterior of the building and the enchanted Discovery Garden where thousands of LED lights illuminated larger-than-life insects and more than 50 trees, shrubs and structures. Event attendees marveled as dragonflies appeared as if they were taking off and ladybugs found resting places on grass, in this winter wonderland.

The Blazen team designed and built more than 18 custom structures — including spiders, butterflies, fireflies and more — using recycled steel that were featured in the show during the course of its six year run.

The structures, owned by Blazen, are now available to use as a pop-up light show for your venue or next event.

Living Lights at Butterfly Pavilion

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