Winter Park Resort Interactive Postcard Activations

Blazen Illuminations has partnered with Winter Park Resort to design, produce, and install a variety of unique interactive activations over the course of more than a year. After the success of the first activations, Blazen made seasonal updates changing out the winter Christmas-themed activations for a fresh summer focus.

Nate Webb, co-owner of Blazen Illuminations says what makes the activations successful is actively listening to and understanding partner needs to make sure what Blazen develops is a brand active and brand accurate depiction of what they’ve discussed.

“The cool part about these activations is the lasting memory that a guest gets to take away on their digital device,” Webb explains. “They get to share it on their Facebook and social media channels. It’s kind of a way of saying, hey, look where we were and what we were doing it in a more magical way.”

The Winter Park Resort postcard brand activation campaign continues to be extremely popular with guests, as seen by guest engagement with the interactive, 3D postcard photo opps.